The Girl Behind TurtleBerry

Hello there! Welcome to TurtleBerry!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog. My name is Paula and I am the artist and editor behind TurtleBerry Studio. I have always loved mixing colors, matching patterns and creating visual presentations. This developed into layout designing and I am now establishing my own design studio.

I started way back 2013 with my old blog, My Strawberry Baby, where I created different kinds of planners and sold them on my Etsy Shop. I also shared Free Printables which was mostly related to preschool teaching because I used to homeschool my 4 year old daughter back then. Time passed and I had the opportunity to work for the events industry and I was also given the chance to be an Events Management Trainer. Due to my busy schedule, I had to bring back my daughter to regular schooling and wasn't able to update my blog anymore. Fast forward...

Now, I am working at home full time and have been doing what I loved to do. To be a hands-on mom to my daughter and continue my passion for designing. Aside from being a designer, I am also trying to expand my knowledge with branding and marketing businesses. Together with that, I am also continuing to blog more often than before.

I am very passionate when it comes to my work. I make sure that I meet my client’s requirements and I always try to go beyond my limits. I have always believed that it's always important to make sure that I understand what my client wants. Because of this, I try to communicate with my clients on a more personal and friendly basis. This helps me with customizing different projects and I get to relay it on my designs. If you are interested to avail my service, do not hesitate to contact me.