Mid-August Update

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hello! I hope you are doing well. I cannot believe how hot it is now in the Philippines. Just few weeks ago it was raining so hard and now it's super hot! You can't imagine how bad I'm wishing for rain right now. I am just thankful because I get to stay and work at home! I cannot imagine myself going outside in this weather. Anyway, let's start:


I'm currently working on 2 Branding Boards and I have more projects waiting. I didn't know that my passion for designing would take me this far. I am just really glad that I am pursuing this now.

As I deal with people, I am realizing that not many understand how designing and creating layouts work. And I have to tell you that it is a very difficult and long process. It takes a lot of time and creativity.

There are moments when a client tell me to make a certain design and would say, "This one is very simple and easy, can you submit it tomorrow?" And I'm like:

If they only realize the work required to get the designs they want. This is why I tell my clients that designing is not as easy as they think. It takes a lot of effort and creativity. It's not magic! 😭


My first born is having her 1st Quarterly Examinations. She's in first grade by the way. I've been reviewing her few weeks before the examination. I find this very helpful because we don't have to cram with the lessons. It makes studying easier for the both of us. We also try to do quick reviews every morning just to make sure she doesn't forget anything. She's currently half way through the exams and I can tell that she's doing well. I do not pressure her to perfect her exams because I always tell her that it's important that she learns in school but she also has to enjoy learning. And learning shouldn't be a daunting task for 7 year old, right?


I am now 26 weeks pregnant and just had my check-up last Monday, August 14 and I was doing well as per my doctor. I am having really bad constipation and I've been drinking a lot of water. My OB said to try drinking Prune Juice but I don't like the taste. 😣 Anyway, I'll be back after 3 weeks and see if Baby No. 2 isn't breech anymore. Almost there!


I'm always tweaking the blog's design. Been adding and removing things here and there. Trying to make sure that the blog is easy to navigate for readers.

Currently, I updated the Menu Bar, I used to use images but I found it hard to update since I had to change the pictures every time I had to change something on the menu. Instead, I used HTML and CSS codes to make it exactly how I wanted it to look like and it is more convenient if I wanted to add a new link on the menu.

I also added a drop down menu for categories on the sidebar for easy access to the posts I create. 👉

Next on my list is the footer, I'm still using images for the footer and will be changing that to HTML and CSS too. 👇

Let me know if you'd like some blog tutorials or something. Maybe I can come up with a series of posts when I have more time. Until my next update!